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How to buy ?

  • Firstly, for Payment Accepted: Click here
  • For All Business, you are able to purchase on our Auto Store 24/7. In case, need support, please contact our Sales Representative – Β Email: [email protected]
  • When you choose to buy anything on our Auto Store, there will be always description and instruction in the screen, so please read details about thing you are buying and follow instructions. So we can deliver your order smoothly.

349 Feedbacks from Customers

  1. I used your CVV to shop, 9/10 cvvs I buy sucessfully , one of them is under amount I buy. i see guys in ur team give me another one, and it is useful. Thanks you

  2. Hello, some people advised you to me, what would I do for amount 5,000$ ? I sent you request my email Waleyc******* but you have not respond yet

  3. I received a recommendation about your site last month from some friends at college, and today, after waiting for getting Bitcoin to make deposit, i and a friend of mine was able to register and buy an WU of amount $3,000 you on shop. Finally got the information to withdraw cash at South Africa Western Agent. I did suggest you to my other street guys, they are all poor and definetly write you soon.
    Again, big thanks, big hug to your team!

  4. I’d like a paypal transfer. I’m preparing to make a $300 payment to you. If you don’t mind replying with some detailed instructions on how to do so I’d really appreciate it. I’m looking to do this at the earliest in a few hours and at the latest sometime tomorrow during the day. Oh and I’m not sure exactly if I’ve been assigned a Web page for my “business”

  5. I just received my 3,000 this month again, I do not know how long you guys still provide this service, but as long as you here, I am getting enough cash to feed my kid.I am thankful God that take me to here, God bless you guy

  6. Really money verified transfer. Withdrawal money from Western union agent using information provided is correct. No doubt from agent! Just got cash yesterday. I will recommend your team to my forum for sure!

  7. hi im looking to do bussines on paypal transfer but would like to taste a small amount first guys less than a$80 if possible what will be your deal for this amount?and if this work how offtencan i do it? i need to pay airline tickets on secured web sites do you have something to offer for this bussines?

  8. Hi team, wanna say thanks to Admin cvv2card who instructs me a lot yesterday evening for creating Paypal account & withdrawing my 3,000$, very patience man!!!

  9. Hi I am interested in buying CVV and later to have a long time business with you I am somewhere in East Africa hope the door is open to us here. And hope there is exchange of card if it dies or not good?

  10. Hi, Im new on this, before yesterday I bought some cvv and the service it was great, now Last night I made a payment of amount 300 usd to receive a WU transfer, and After I made the payment, I have been in touch via Email, and now I received $1,500 today morning, I will be grateful to say thanks to admincvv2card , your money help me a lot in my country – Indian! God bless you

  11. hi i m intrested on buying some cvv, if your cvv are good and with good balance i will purchase more.. do you accept bitcoin? and have you some advises to buy bitcoin using cvv

  12. Hello Admincvv2card I bought 10 pack Canada CC yesterday received Order details. The rest card supper high balance , thanks you again

  13. I have lost all of my money on gambling, and was trying to find a way to get money. But I was wrong, all I got is ripped by many ripper until my friend playing porker told me about your site. He did get dumps Pin to take cash at Montana successfully 4 times last months. When I gave my money for him to buy your data, I was happy but nervous as well cause this is last money I have in my pocket. But you did not let me disappointed, I take cash done at ATM twice, now I have money to gamble again.I will use your money to win porker and become a rich man!!!!

  14. My friend who just took cash at Western Union bank yesterday refers me to your team, I am really interested in, and starting to buy Bitcoin for amount of 3,000 US $. As i already just sent email to your email, I will try to finish getting Bitcoin and buy tomorrow. God Bless You.

  15. An Michigan man wanna say thank you to Cvv2card team . I am very new to this field and trying to use Dumps Track. I bought first dumps USA and has no idea how to use it, and then Michael help me to write and insert data I bought into a blank card and ship it to me. After 4 days I received a card with a happiness, but actually, i still doubt that this card will work! I came to a cloth shop and buy something for my girl friend, when i check out, i used this Card to POS machine and the magic happened!!!! The cashier gave me an invoice and this card along with my girl friend clothes. I leaved a shop and walked in the street thinking about fucking things in my life till the day I came across your sites on Google. Now i am on a coffeeshop after taking 1,200$ from your dumps that i bought yesterday. You are big boss in this underground world!!! Thank you for everything. Oliver

  16. i have read alot testimonials about your good work.
    Please how do i start this, i need more asap on this transaction.
    I’m from Nigeria.

  17. Thank you, my money has been credited in my wallet and I have sent an email to the admin for my order.

  18. From poor country in Africa, I came to your website suddenly on google search, and has a doubt from what u guys doing. I need money to take care my daughter and myself also. Every morning, I wake up and try to find enough money to invest in this dangerous deal, I was very afraid that all money I save from my rubbish job will be taken. I was thinking again and again every night and day in a week, then I decide all I have $300 to pay to you guys as Boss cvv2card instruction.And then as they always say In God We Trust, after 20 mins, I received an email with details information to withdraw cash at ATM, I filled the from at WU agent and take my goodness $1,500 !!!!! I do not what to say except to call the student boy (my English is bad) write these words for me to say biggggg thanks to all of your team Michael. I will contact you next month for next transaction. I hope God always stay by your side for what you have doing help people poor like me

  19. Hello Admincvv2card again, as we talked in email, this order I used my friend Paypal account to receive funds as my account already got the transfer last week. Thank you, wait for your transfer.

  20. Understanding, honest & trustworthy, dependable, legitimate, and willing to work with you on every level. I was skeptical at first but I know my personal interests is with this team. Thank you for the opportunity! Loyal custo -Brinks

  21. Hello Team, I am Buddhist, therefore, I do not believe in God. But when I came to your website excatcly this day 3 months agon, it a little bit change my mind as well as working with you. 3rd time taking cash from Western Agent, I am more than satisified to see you guys in the world of rich people. Your buck has picked me up from the downside at India and feed my everyday. I am still do not know where this money come from, but at least I can take money safely without trouble and help me improve my life. I wish you guys all the best ahead!!!

  22. I need help, I sent first bitcoin transfer and it was successfully added to my account, I sent another transfer and it was not added to my account, please fix. Thank you.

  23. Philipine man would like to give a big thanks for Western union transfer. We have received payments last 2 month and decided to stop buying money from you. Because we have enough money to start our own business. Deeply thanks is given to your help.
    God bless your team!

  24. Hello. I red many nice feedbacks about your work. Since my girlfriend is in pregnant sme extra cash would be nice for us. I will try first transaction today, hope it will work πŸ™‚

  25. Trying to get away the difficult life in America by making money from Internet, but unfortunately have been ripped off twice before find advertisement of your team at .Onion webs. As a student immigrated from Africa country, i do not have much money to loose anymore. But i did believe in your team as many buyers there trust cause only you guys have a good system built by real hackers which I can see at .Onion Hidden Marketplace, I also did buy others stuff like cvv from .Onion, all they are all real hackers as you guy.
    After buying 2 times for Western Union, I have written many emails to introduce myself and my desire to be joint as any position in your organization, but all is declined.
    So i am writing this to again hope your team can give me a chance, cause i can bring more buyers to your team, and you can trust me, as I always trust you guys.
    Thank you,
    Kungawo from South Africa.

      1. Thank you, my sister just walked into Western Union branch and took $6,000 cash, I and her now will become your LOYAL customers and we may bring more customers to you

  26. Hi Big boss , I just sent payment for PayPal transfer to your email .I really hope this is legit because this will save my life

    1. Hi Russell,
      You are old buyer – you know should not public your order here!
      MTCN and your order details has been sent to your registered email.

  27. Never thought I will work with hackers to make money, but thanks to your genuine team, it now become reality, as I saw an article about selling dumps, accidentally came across your web, trying first Cvv in Canada work bring me more trust in your service. I am happy for God let me here. Explain me in details about WU transfer, I did follow him instructions and withdraw cash this Friday morning. $3,000 is a big money to me, and that help me overcome my hard stuff right now.
    God Bless Your Team

  28. We have sent details of MTCN and Sender information to your registered email! Please do NOT post your order details here!

    1. Sir! I have passed your order to my friend and he just confirmed me that he received $3000 at Western Union agent! I am so happy and thankful Sir. Sir, i wish you have a great time , and Sir, sorry i will not post my order detail here anymore!

  29. the mtcn + sender info is correct to fill at Western Union branch, after waiting for 25 minutes, got the email of my orders and withdraw cash at same day. Prompt services! God bless this team!

  30. A great weekend, i just received my iphone, it is unlocked and can be used at my country, moreover, it is not active yet, and i did active it by myself, so it is branch new, the box is full document instructions. Very nice!

  31. Hi, I am from Singapore.
    Need money for my medical treatment.
    I am low wage earner, earning only SG$1300( about US$995) monthly.

    Can you help me make $$$ bigger so that I can pay off medical instalment for 6 months?

  32. Hello Boss , I bump into this site searching for reliable hacker who re not a rippers/scammer from rens******.com forum about guys who have transact business with you not like who ripped me of my little life saving hoping to start a business on my own but all was a dead dream with them. So, after going through your site I realized you ve been helping people like me get out of they’re debt.
    I want to also help one of my woman friend in Scotland get out of her debt as she complain to me bitter is difficult for her and her two kids though she doesn’t believe in this but I tried my best. How do you think we can confused her?

    I want to try with 100$ with a minimum of WU to Turkey. I don’t want to lose my money to any ripper again. And I will be your customer for long term.

    Await your positive responses. Thank you and God bless.
    Merry xmas in advance

    1. Hello Michael, I read through the website again and I understand the minimum order is 300$. My apology, am still trying to gather my bitcoin to place order. Have seen many positive responses from different buyers. You are truly the messenger of humanity.

  33. Cant wait to do business with you all, i really now i will tell you all the rest of my story later thanks…

  34. I put my trust in you, and I am happy with my decision! $1,500 Us dollars may be small amount of money for your team. But for me, it is not only the income but also my hope and believe! Thank you for being real an reliable. God Bless You!

  35. I bought 1 cvv from Cvv2card team . The first one is working and the i ordered again since i am satisfied . I bought 3 cards again (cvv) the 2 of them is not working then he gave me a substitute of it and it works . I ordered in an onlie sites and it works !
    Then i bought Western Union of 3,000$ transfer, and received MTCN + Sender info in email, next morning my brother use this to took cash greayly at wu. I never thought i can make money from hackers, but Michael really make it happen. God Bless all your crew.

  36. this guys is so sweet, instructed very details for withdrawing cash at Western Union Agent last friday, I sat at Agent around 35 mins to fill some form for Sender information, MTCN then receiving my 1k5 cash greatly. Fabulous money service as my friend told me before.

  37. Have waited for 6 days before receiving my 2 cards to use at ATM cashout. I came to here for an recommendation of Henry Chole. Use a Visa without trouble, but Master balance is low, just over 1k5 usd.


  38. I think you guys may be the only legit guys out here as far as selling dumps and every other service you offer keep it up will be in touch to do business soon.

  39. Good data of Dumps, bought 2 Master to use at Florida, balance is little bit low, 1k6 and 1k8 each one. Pin matched with Cards, but I waited 5 days to receive my cards which was late than expected. Trump is now President, i will need more money from you to keep staying study here.

  40. Good evening, do you sell Cvv france, if yes, please email me, if it is good as your advertisement on UG, i will buy a bulk. thanks

  41. heard many thing about this site but am scared to do buessiness due to many ripping going do i know i will get my stuff one i send??? and also who can vouch ?? no disrespect?

  42. Man I can’t wait to try your WU transfer services. I’m waiting for some funds but as soon as I get them I’m making my move. Guys keep doing a good job and I’ll let my buddies know about you.

  43. good morning Sir!
    greatly appreciate your work, my Gamer buddy (Alex) got his cash at WU last Friday and told me to here, please email me, I also from Miami same as Richard, I need 3k usd, I will buy bitcoin on Wednesday, email me please, i need some more details. Thank you Sir

  44. Very good Dumps, bought 1 Visa + 1 Master plastic cards, waited 4 days and receive the cards look so new, Pin is correct, was able to withdraw cash ATM for Visa already, will do for Master on Monday

  45. After long time searching for a verified hacker, finally in touch with the right one, long wait after weekend, then came to early morning on Monday at Wu Agent, everything looks as instructions, sender data and MTN Code are correct, I withdraw my first 1k5 usd, so excited now. Sincere thanks!

  46. I greatly appreciate your support team help for telling my step by step of using the Cards Dumps, I am very new to this and obviously have so many questions to ask how to use, after waiting 3 days to get my cards with the clear instruction from your support team, i was able to withdraw cash at ATM. Send my deep thanks to them again. God Bless your support team.

  47. Hello brothers, your team look like real hackers and i saw some directions to your website from Underground markets as others suggested. Now, I am looking for Dumps Atm to use at Canada. Let contact me for building business, I need details of these services. Thanks in advance.

  48. hello, a friend suggested me to do business with you guys, I need dumps and pin to use at Florida state, if you have it available, please contact me.

  49. Hello Michael, I need an transfer via Western Union at South Africa, I want to start with 1k5 amount, I see some people in underground site cited your team as a trusted businesses, please email me, thank you.

  50. You guy got Good customer service n advise and guide buyers to wat best.. thanks n see you very soon.. this been answer my dumb question for hours cause I was scared to try it out I heard he a good person so one of these day I will buy n see so I can vouch for them

  51. In the raining day at Georgia, sitting in a coffee shop, searching for atm nearby, accidentally came accross your site mentioned on an unknown forum. I was curious and attracted by what they are selling. But i doubt absolutely, then I did a research about these guys, it seems they are legit by the way they operate. Lastly, deciding to buy 2 Dumps Plastic card with Pin. 3 waiting days, then received my package, using with Pin to withdraw money from ATM successfully. And as they always believe in God, so do I. For the best, In God we trust, even i am poor, God still give me the hand.

  52. I’m Lee from Atlanta USA. I lost my job few months back after my divorce with my Husband. I tried everything positive to make sure i take good care of my kids but all failed, and i was in debts which makes everything worse. I was kicked out of my home and i had to live with my neighbor after pleading with her to allow me stay with her for some days while i figure out how to get a home which she agreed, but no one was willing to help anymore. I bumped into this page from google and I was excited about this, then I contacted Sophia. I had just $100, so I pleaded with them to help me because of my condition but they never accepted. I believed in this, so I managed to a pawn a few things and got $900. I ordered the $6,000 WU transfer and I gave them my infor as required. I was excited and upset as well, I managed to withdraw $6000 at WU agent. I’m so happy, I have started all over again and have a good apartment with my kids. I know this is kind of illegal but it help poor man like me so much…

  53. Traveling all internet and trying to find a good place to invest money in, I am only 22 years old. Still student at Cape Town in South Africa, and no money to pay for my tuition and buy something i need. My friend call my crazy when i make deposit $300 and when i withdraw $1,500 at a bank, they also made another 500$ to take usd afterthat…A month has passed, yesterday i did my second transaction for 500$ and received my money 3,000$ at bank again. I and my friend are now more than able to pay for the fee at University, also helping our family for daily. you guys are NELSON MANDELA in my life! I do not know where the money i take came from. But i did help me, my family, my friend and their families as well. We pray for you everyday when we remember for what u have done!!! God stay by your side and protect you guys.

  54. To Michael, have been used your WU transfer in 4 months, and you know what, your money has established my own business, now I open a small store in the corner of Thailand. I will not use your service anymore because I wanna make money by my shop. But I’d like to send a sincere thanks to you and your team, it did help my life easier. Thank you.

  55. I was very shaky & afraid when sending my Bitcoin to your team, but now 3 months passed and I got my money, just wanna tell your team that your money is helping me to stay alive in fucking American ( I am a migrator from Asian). I am also learning IT field and hopefully one day I will be able to be a part of you team!!

  56. Hello I am very curious as to what you need from me in the Western Union Work and what I will need to spend/do? please advise further. But as for CC dumps Trk 1/2 I would like to purchase a few dumps to try out in my new Reader Writer I am extremely new to all of this, but recently lost long term employment and with my record have been completely shut down for everything I have applied for, so bottom line I am willing to do whatever at this point to survive and generate an income. I have a list of over 10,000 Names, D.O.B. & SSN available as well, this list is from 2003. However I ran credit reports on the first one from each page, and out of almost 25 reports I\’ve run I have discovered that 22 of these records have credit scores of over 750 with numerous open credit lines in the 25-50,000 range. Is there a market for these simple records all of only the 3 its of info. I\’ve mentioned Name DOB SSN?

  57. hi i m from china and i m intrested on buying some paypal .if your paypal are good and with good balance i will purchase more.i have not used your services before but i will like a small start.dou accept bitcoin? I just buy a paypal first

  58. very nervous when receive your email with MTCN details and did wonder will I can take cash, but finally I withdraw money from WU, just fill a form with infor you provide. I will contact you soon again.

  59. I learned many things in life in its to be real to what you represent i am just like you guys trying to make a way for myself i dont know your origins or background but when you black in Montreal you are born guilty society creates bandits and i grew and learned the system to give hope to people with the same ideology as me give back to our community its not even about the color skin but your social status better yourself. I invested 300$ in you guys because i believed in ya. I’ll and i wanted to create a bridge to expand the movement. I dont even regret of investing and beeing robed or whatever we call it best of luck to you and your association health , wealth & abundance to you guys i thibk everyone is or do something for their own reasons god got you get your paper stack it up. You guys are doing jobs that help a lot of people. God bless ya

  60. What can i say now! Your team is amazing!!!! I am using your money to fuck all girls I want, I fuck them again and again with your money, they use to hate me because i do not have money to hang out with them, now after 2 months I got total 12,000$ at Western U agent. I spent money to buy good clothes and pay for my card, you guess what I am surrounded by the girl that ignored me before. lol. then i fuck her 2 time every weekend night when i go to the bar with her. You guys are the SAINTS!!!! You know me??? from Mexico city, I am big FABIO’

  61. i want western union transfer but i have 150$ only so what is the deal can u give me vs 150$ western union if you are ok give me your reciver info i\’m ready to make payement’

  62. My brother (Vincent) took cash out successfully , and we will use this money to travel around Europe, can you give me a chance to meet you guys and joint your team?

  63. i will like to try your services, i am most interested in western union transfers and cvv, have not used your services before but i will like a small start, maybe purchase a cvv

  64. I have been looking for a hacker for almost 6 months to find a good source of Dumps. And after working with you guys over the past 2 months ago, I am very happy that finally I’ve came to a good place providing me a good data of Dumps track! Although i dissapointed sometimes cause Sophia is so cold and replied me late, but I know you guys is busy all the time! 4 days ago, i ordered 20 dumps track USA, and received it after 15 mins from your Sophia…I and my friend used all of them by yesterday, and my friend told me that 3 dumps did not work while all my dumps worked already. The thing I appreciate is that Sophia changed for me 3 new dumps immediately without asking why???? And then my friend called me back and said that only 2 dumps not work not 3. I do not what to say, i send to my friend only 2 new dumps and sent back 1 dump to Sophia. 2 new dumps work as normal. Thanks for your work so much, your hacker team is perfectly. God give me to here. And I will be here as long as you guys being here. God bless all you guys.

  65. I will like to start working with you but i do not know what bin i need here in italy and if i need t2 or t1 and t2 nor if i need 101 or 201\nif you know this we can start making very good busyness here have many people working for me

  66. Please I need you to help me out,i want good cc with high balance for payment with merchant,i want to do business with you so I can talk to you and tell you what I need and you tell me how much.thanks waiting for your reply

  67. hello boss how can you help i am so much in need of your help what do i have to do and how can you help me turn things around for me i am seriously in need of money

  68. Hi, my friend worked with you, and recommended you to me. I am reseller, what price I could have for big number of dumps track 2? Hope to hear from u soon. I sent you email yesterday evening

  69. Where exactly do I make the $300 money transfer via PayPal?.. and are the funds available too do a $1,500 paypal transfer?

  70. Are South Africans also welcome to purchase? I’m interested to get a card too. Please follow up with my mail.. Thanks

  71. want to buy 1 cvv fullz to check and if it goes good then I will buy at least 20. Please let me know what price for 1 cvv fullz to check ?

  72. I am jobless man and very lucky to meet you guys among ripper out there. I will continue buying your dumps pin USA, thanks to Snowden clear advice and instruction, I have task cash out of ATM at American!

  73. Hi i need T1T2 plus cvv together do you have the combo on your website? or can you point me in the direction to find it

  74. Hello, please I sent you an email about western union transfer and how to make payment. I haven’t received a reply. Kindly give me the info needed. Thank you

  75. I want 2 buy 1 cvv fullz to check and if it goes good then i will buy atleast 10. Plz let me know what price for 1 cvv fullz to check?

      1. Hi Admin,
        Is there any way i can see Michael in person? I asked him on email but he refused. Just wanna say thanks again.

  76. I have been buying valid cvv from one of your client, but he is out of business I want to begin buying the cvv on my own the only way i can send you money is western union or paypal please do let me if we can have business’

  77. Interested in paypal money. How much can i recieve if i send you 100$? My friend told me you do good things for God

  78. I am from South Africa, I know you because of recommendation of my friend studying at USA, can I apply for this?? Pls help answer my email

  79. It’s fucking damn works!!! I did take $1700 from your Master Card at Florida 2 hours ago!!!! I just recommended your site to my friends there, they will contact you soon…big thanks to you guys!!!

  80. Hello,I need more details about Paypal transfer their work and payment ,thanks. P.s:My friend receive his money last night.

  81. What a g reat dumps at Texas! Using to take cash with 1 Master and 1 visa successfully. Even the balance is quite low. $ 1600 for master, 850$ for Visa. But it is fine. Thanks so much

      1. Yes, I see, it does not matter. Just hope for larger balance but the important is that I can get cash. Dont mind please.

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