Accepted Payment

How to buy Cvv, Dumps, Money Transfer using Bitcoin?

  1. Using ATM – check available Bitcoin ATM here
  2. Create an Wallet at Blockchain then buy online (Recommendation) via many system such as, and many other sites.
  3. When you have Bitcoin in your wallet, follow deposit step here.

How to buy Cvv, Dumps, Money Transfer using Perfect Money?

  1. Find a Agent Partner of Perfect Money that available in your own country here to buy.
  2. You can Sign up PM account then deposit directly from your bank in case your bank associated with PM.
  3. When you have USD in your PM account, follow deposit step here.

Note: Please be active – These above instructions is for reference, you can search on Google by keywords “Buy Bitcoin” , “Buy Perfect Money” to get more easier places to buy.

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